Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Little Madness In The Spring Is Wholesome Even For The King

Today was the first day of spring, and here in Seattle, we take things like this VERY seriously.

It was an overcast day with spots of glorious sun, and this kite at Alki Beach pretty much sums up the Northwest urgency to enjoy every drop of sunshine we can get. I saw kids with rain boots, ski jackets and sand buckets heading happily towards the crashing waves. 

With the same sense of urgency, I felt compelled today to turn my visions and dreams of Spring into something I could hold onto.  

Ahhhhhh..... Spring has sprung! Enjoy it my lovelies. 

(P.S. the quote is Emily Dickinson...)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We, I, and Hi

My best friend "Nenah" and I met when I was about 13. She had a giant rat for a pet, I wore combat boots with Garfield shoelace keepers. We were smarter than the grown ups and knew we could conquer anything at all we put our minds to. In the 7th grade we took home economics together. I made a rockin' guitar pillow, she made an old school beat box, "cuz I'm keepin' real, yo". Somewhere along the way she sewed my finger to a sewing machine plate, the first of many crafting related injuries.  

By freshman year my entire bedroom was one giant, artistic mixed media collage that we both added silly things to, and she made amazing clothes from scraps. We rocked vintage polyester and up-cycled backless tanks at hippie festivals, way before vintage polyester was cool.  

17 years later, at another festival, we perused the vending booths enviously with newly emptied wallets and big dreams. We decided by the end of our road trip to "get grown" with our crafting and do something about it. Since that day, designs float in my head like sugar plums, and beads coarse through my veins. Sia Jahta  is the fruits of that labor, and it's also a journey. 

This blog is about crafting and designing, but it's also about a journey of growing up, about defining what's beautiful to me, and exploring my roots and wings. What do you want to be when you grow up?  

Peace, love and hippie shit