Saturday, April 9, 2011

PSA: Doyerdangthang

Women all over the world chase it, going to extreme measures to get "it" and judging each other harshly along the way. I've learned a thing or two from little girls about what beauty really is. Because little girls know what's up.  

One of our preschool lady friends came over last night, rocking sassy style and the confidence most women fake. Polka dot tights, striped leg warmers with sequin Mary Janes, a super man shirt with a patchwork hemp skirt, with a giant flower clipped to her head. Eat your heart out Vanity Fair! 

In my opinion, the most beautiful women on earth are the ones who never outgrew the preschool fashion scene, and there's nothing uglier that the chick who's wearing all the trends, looking all kinds of uncomfortable and trying WAY to hard to be what someone else said was beautiful. So walk with your head high ladies! Wear what you love, play with fashion and do kart wheels like you just don't give a f*%$#! 

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